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 Webinar Recording

Webinar was rerecorded and now has improved sound quality.

You can jump around in the video by clicking on the scroll bar.  You do not need to wait for it to download completely.


/r/ sound workbook Special Video Edition

Click image above to download workbook.

The workbook includes videos demonstrating all my techniques from the webinar.  Access them by clicking link on the cover or click link below.


Powerpoint Handouts

Click image above to download Power Point Printouts.


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For vowel drill cue cards, the tapping strategy visual, my Articulation Strategies That Work instructional book/CD/DVD set, and much more, go to


For my blog-style newsletter entitled The Right to Articulation Services in Schools in the Absence of Academic Failure, go to


To purchase my newly released eSongbook co-written with Music Therapist Rachel See Smith, Listen, Sing, Speak! Children's Songs for Speech, Language & Hearing Goals, go to http://musictherapyservices.net/products-2/products/listen-sing-speak/