Practicing 5-10 minutes a day is critical for making the most impact on your child’s speech.  This means you have to commit to making this a priority for you and your child. 


If you are reading this then congratulations!  You have made your child’s speech a priority.  The trick now is maintaining that priority.  The good news is that maintaining your commitment to your child’s speech drills will greatly accelerate your child achieving their sounds.

It is essential to keep the sessions short.  It is much more beneficial to do short sessions everyday rather than longer sessions a few times a week.  The sessions should be intensive with many repetitions being produced.  You will eventually be doing a couple hundred or reps in under 5 minutes. 

Remember we are focusing on sounds your child can already produce but are doing it quicker and smoother.  This is the key to getting many reps done in a short period of time.  The more daily sessions you can put together the quicker the results will return for you. 

I do know it is easier said than done so I am going to help you develop some habits for success as well as setting up reminders to help you fulfill on your commitment to work with your child.

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