Once you are accurate with single productions, Always start moving towards 5 at a time.  Chunking targets into sets of 5 gives us the ability to produce many more repetitions during a homework session. 

For instance, it is much easier to have your child count to 20 (sets of 5) then it is to count to one hundred.  Focus on developing the ability to produce trials in sets of five by developing a cadence that reinforces the sets of 5.  This is very important! 

The drills will run much more smoothly if your child can become proficient in getting in the rhythm for sets of five.  You want them to do their set of five and add a pause on the sixth beat that will mark the set complete.  Tap out the sets of five on your fingers to keep things on track. 

If your child is having trouble focusing you can tap out the sets of 5 on their fingers.  Do these by having them place their hand flat on the table and tap each finger while counting out the set of 5.

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