The biggest gift you can give your child is unwavering belief in their ability to progress and improve.  Parents of children with speech difficulties need to believe with absolute certainty that they can make a difference in their child’s speech.

I will commonly hear parents report, “My child won’t work for me but they will work for others”.  Each time a parent says this, they are reinforcing their own truth.  This is what they truly believe and have the proof to substantiate it.To reverse this it is really quite simple.  Your actions follow what you think.  If you think your child is incapable of doing something than you won’t even try or at best give it a half hearted attempt. If you believe in your child’s ability whole heartedly you will support them like they are going to succeed. 

If you need help in believing in your child, you need to find a Speech Pathologist who believes in YOU. Nothing will help you more than a Speech Language Pathologist who see’s the parent/caregiver as an extremely valuable resource that is integral to the therapy process. It is amazing how much a difference it makes when someone believes in you and is supporting you in your success. When this occurs, what is possible greatly expands.

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