Making the commitment to establish a consistent and regular practice time is the easy part.  Actually following through and honoring your commitment is where it gets tricky. 

Life has a way of getting busy and getting in the way of our good intentions.  When life gets busy (and it will) it has a way of having us forget what we are committed too.  It is time to fight back.  Leave reminders for yourself any place you are likely to see it many times throughout the day.  This way you will have no chance of forgetting. 

Try leaving post it notes in the following places:

• Alarm Clock
• Fridge
• By toothbrush
• By front door
• On car dashboard
• By computer
• Visible spot  inside purse or wallet 

Leave these reminders everywhere.  If you are not doing the drills daily then it will be because you are choosing not to. 

You may feel you are too busy and have many justifications as to why you can’t do it.  If this is the case for you then you will love my next tip titled “1435”.

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