Having a clearly defined and systematic approach to speech therapy drills is critical for parents and caregivers.  It is easy to feel powerless when you don’t know where to begin, or what you should be working on.  It is essential for therapy to be easy for parents and caregivers to understand and follow. 

My experience has shown if there is any doubt, or question in the minds of the individuals working on a home program, the likelihood of them not doing the program increases dramatically!  It is easy to feel overwhelmed and start to question whether or not the drills are being done properly. 

A simple roadmap to follow is needed.  Time needs to be spent explaining the “how” and the “why” of the speech therapy process.  This is why I spend my very first session with clients making them familiar with the Speech Therapy Pathway.  Parents feel empowered and confident when given a roadmap to follow.

The Speech Pathway


I understand how critical it is to design therapy homework that is easily carried out and performed by someone other than the clinician.  Doing so makes a world of difference in my client’s progress.  The ability to easily train and empower others into providing exceptional support and followthrough on homework is the key to success.

The following is my e-Course outlining the Speech Therapy Pathway.  This is a twelve minute overview which will give you a strong framework to work with.  I work with this framework with every client that I see.  It guides my clinical decision making and lets me know where I should be spending my time and energy with clients.

Warning:  Watching the following course may cause you to start thinking like a Speech Language Pathologist!!!!!



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