I find that my effectiveness as a Speech Language Pathologist is directly related to how much I correct a child. 

The less I correct a child, the more effective I am. 

This is very counter intuitive at first but makes perfect sense.  Do you like it when someone is correcting you?  Is it comfortable or fun for you?  Absolutely not!  By focusing on what the child can already do correctly, but developing the speed and smoothness of their target sounds pays big dividends when developing targets into conversation.

A big reason we are able to do high repetition therapy is because we are not spending our time constantly correcting and focusing on where the breakdown is occurring.  The children are much more comfortable with this style of drill work because they are experiencing so much success.  The overall number of repetitions skyrockets and the whole experience becomes more enjoyable for everyone. 

If you find you are constantly correcting your child while doing the drills, you are on too high of a level.  Drop down a level or two and then start focusing on developing speed while maintaining accuracy.


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