Welcome to the Speech PathWay

Hi there.  My name is Marcus Little.  I am glad you have landed at our site.  If you are a parent or individual looking to develop your ability to work effectively on your childs articulation than you have come to the right place.  I promise to make it worth your while.  To begin with, you need to take in our online e-learning course.  This alone will give you a great overview of how the articulation therapy process works.  This course has been designed in conjunction with Learning2Do who is a leader in the development of high-quality, engaging, e-learning experiences.  This course takes e-learning to a new level.

The main focus of The SpeechPathway is to enable parents and individuals to effectively work on articulation drills at home.  If you are unfamiliar with the term articulation, here is a defination I grabbed from wordnet.  Articulation is the aspect of pronunciation that involves bringing articualtory organs together so as to shape the sounds of speech.  Articulation therapy is simply speech therapy that is focusing on speech sound production.  My area of expertise is motor based articulation therapy.  I only do articulation work.  I am not mandated to do language.  As a result I have never had to combine language goals with articulation goals.  As a result you will find my therapy approach quite unique.  On the surface it may look similar to other traditional speech therapy approaches but I am sure you have not seen anything like it before.  The main difference is the focus on developing the speed of productions after accuracy has been established.  This method allows us to produce extremely high amounts of repetition in short period of time.

This program is meant for individuals who are currently in Speech Therapy and are focusing on improving their speech sound production.  Target sounds should be stimulable for your child meaning they are capable of doing the sound accurately when given a model.  If your child is currently working with a Speech Pathologist than share this information with them.  Let them now you are interseted in following this approach.  This is the same approach I have been perfecting over the past 10 years with my clients. 

 In recent years I have taken on working in a group setting which I run as a workshop. I have the opportunity to focus on both parents and children individually for shorter 10-12 minute sessions.  Having the parents present during the sessions and seeing how the therapy is done makes a dramatic impact in how quickly the kids progress.  Time and time again I have seen big jumps in how quickly the children acquire their speech sounds when their parents are consistently doing effective articulation training at home.  I want you to be one of these people. 



In Your Service,

Marcus Little M.Sc.SLP Reg Caslpo Speech Language Pathologist.